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Thread: How cycling changed during the pandemic - input for article

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    Since I'm retired, COVID did not affect my "commuting" at all. Since we were stuck in a Manhattan high rise apartment for several months, cycling was an acceptable outlet and Central Park was one of the busiest places in NYC for several months. It was great to be able to ride the streets without thousands of cars. I had my highest annual mileage of my six year of retirement in 2020 and am on a good trajectory for 2021.

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    The pandemic has mainly pushed me off of trails and onto roads. Pre-pandemic, I was a daily commuter on trails: W&OD, Custis, and MVT (and 4MRT on coffee day). As the shutdowns were starting, but before my office went 100% telework, I had already shifted my afternoon commutes to primarily a street route because the trails were so crowded. During the early heights of lockdown I did some riding on Strava Global Heatmap "cool zones" like Glebe road from Williamsburg Rd. to Shirlington Rd., and eventually settled on some loop routes that approximate my former commute miles. These are mostly on neighborhood streets with occasional segments on busier roads where necessary to make connections. Since I am doing one ride per day instead of 2, I can take advantage of better weather conditions, so mostly morning rides in the summer and more afternoon rides in the winter. The traffic remains light in the neighborhoods as things are opening up, so I find I am enjoying riding around in big circles more than going back and forth.

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