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Tried to cut through today, and there was a guard posted at the west entrance limiting access to members. Might be only on warm weekends. What a silly situation.
I encountered a guard about two months ago on the Army-Navy side who signaled for me to stop. I "failed" to notice and went on (I also "didn't hear" her yelling after me). The guard at the top also expressed interest in my presence (presumably the one at the bottom had notified the other), but I rolled right behind a car that was leaving and escaped with only a couple of emphatic voice commands hurled in my direction. At that point it seemed rather senseless to go back down anyway, so not sure what he would have suggested.

That was the first time I had any issues (other than one time on a group ride with bad-luck Komorebi). Usually the groundskeepers and others exchange a friendly wave, which I always give as an act of goodwill.

I have not had occasion to go through since.