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Thread: Secret Tunnel under CSX in Crystal City?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrP View Post
    I have seen cars parked in there during the week. Not many, but some. Perhaps overflow from the lot adjacent to the access road, but it does seem far to go.
    I think it is leftover overflow parking from a bygone time. The park lot even has a couple security cameras.

    There are also boundary markers for the airport in the asphalt near the Airport Access Rd. And if you have the right bike you can parallel the tracks for quite awhile before it starts to feel too sketchy.

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    Default When I was a wee lad ...

    Back in the day there used to be a car rental place somewhere at the south end of CC, just south (or under?) the bridge to the airport. That area back behind the CSX main was used for overflow parking. Not very exciting, but I see you can get through to the Parkway, which makes it kind of cool.


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