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Thread: Bakfiets w/ e-assist

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    Default Bakfiets w/ e-assist

    Hi, all. I've posted with questions about hauling me, two kids, and our gear, gotten lots of good advice, but still haven't made a decision. I'm now leaning toward a bakfiets with e-assist and have been in touch with Workcycles, which quoted me approx. 4200 euros for their Special Edition Kr8 bakfiets with "Nuvinci, Magura HS11 handbrakes front/rear, LED-lighting f/r. RAL6018 fenders, escape hatch, cable
    tunnel, fork. Incl black panels, Fr8 rear carrier, green box cover and black canopy with green rear wall/window, ventisit cushion on bench."

    Any thoughts? Seems like a good deal, especially with the dollar doing relatively well right now, but would love the experts to weigh in. I've read through the forums and contacted some U.S. distributors, but it seems like having this thing shipped from Netherlands would actually be cheaper. Thanks!

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    I'm leaning towards a WorkCycles kr8 as well, but it seems like the e-assist might be tricky to order straight from the Netherlands, due to the lithium batteries.

    Does anyone have experience with getting an aftermarket e-assist installation for a bike like that?


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