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Thread: W&W London Bridge Pointless Prize Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egoodman View Post
    I only had one crash this 2018 Freezing Saddles season, but it was a significant one. On MLK's Birthday (Monday Jan. 15th) I was off to meet folks in my group (Sleet 16) to get some social miles in. It was around 25 deg. F outside and dry when I approached the intersection of Wilson Blvd. and N. Jefferson Street. There was water running in the gutter pan of Wilson Blvd., and some ice build-up after that (in the intersection). Buy the time a made the decision to slow down and avoid the ice build-up, my wheels started to come out from under me, and I hit the asphalt hard. It turned out that the approach to the intersection was glazed with black ice from turning cars. I was able to unclip from the bike, and sit up, but I could not stand, so I sat in an icy puddle until I could squooch to the curb for a seat. In the mean time, several people had stopped to lend a hand, and an ambulance was called. I got an ambulance ride to Virginia Hospital Center where it was determined that I had a quadriceps contusion. Biking became very limited because I could not bend my right knee past 90 deg. In the weeks that have followed, I have received a determination that I have a quadriceps tendon partial tear, so biking has been limited to shorter slower rides. Little by little, I am working my way back to a level that I can restart my daily commute to Capitol Hill.
    Ouch. Hope you're healing up. I hate to hear about London bridges contestants!

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    Default London Bridge contestants, to date

    Reviewing the several pages of 2018 entries, it is painfully clear that London Bridge came crashing down this Freezing Saddles season, due to vast quantities of black ice and other slick-and-treacherous conditions. Thus far the tally includes 17 riders. Crashes included hard wipe-outs, significant injuries, ripped clothes, smashed bikes, impressive slides, and humiliating splatters in front of hundreds of onlookers. My heart goes out to all who took-the-plunge in this 2018 season. Thank you for sharing. Below is the current tally…please feel free to add any incidents I’ve left out. Some riders had as many as four crashes, and I know that some of the single crashes were really bad too. Sending hugs and healing wishes. w&w

    Supernova …. 1
    Josh ….3
    QuikAF77 …. 2
    Boomer …. 2
    DrP …. 1
    CPTJohnC ….1
    Bentbike33 … 2
    Sjclaeys …. 1
    Closebr ….2
    Bob James …. 1
    Consularrider …. 2
    Dana Wise …. 4
    Jepstein ….1
    JonRobot ….1
    Cvcalhoun ….1
    Egoodman …. 1
    William P. …. 1

    And thank you, Judd and SteveO… your bribes are always very welcome .

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    Even though she did not post here, I think you need to add Reji's cement truck incident. After all, she did have to dive off of poor Pinky to save herself.

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    I really wanted to take the lead here, so I wiped out twice at Wednesday Night Spins today. First time was in that slick spot halfway through the first lap, but at least I was moving slowly, and by the time I was moving again I was lapped. Second time happened about 6 minutes from the end, and somehow I slid out on a wide turn and probably went 30 feet with my bike. Bars got knocked out of position and I figured it wasn't worth getting back in it, so DNF for me. I did come down on both sides, so at least the bruises won't be too concentrated .


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