In actual everyday circumstances, I'm not comfortable riding on Columbia Pike at all. I've had a driver ride up on me from behind, even when I was toward the middle of a lane, and of course drivers passed when I was closer to the curb. They did this even when the other lane was occupied by a car/driver so they squeezed by with only a few inches to spare. After one or two such instances, I decided not to ride on Columbia Pike again. I don't ride there that often but when I do, I take the sidewalk or a slower parallel street.

There are safe passing laws and such, but that's not really going to help me if I were to get hit by a driver. The key for me is to recognize problems in advance and adjust my behavior accordingly (while also helping to point out inadequate infrastructure and support efforts to improve roads, trails, etc. when I'm off the bike). Save my rear now, then participate in efforts off the bike to improve the infrastructure. I do this mostly because I really don't want to get hit by a car driver, many of whom are texting. (I see this when riding in taxis or while standing on a sidewalk and observing passing traffic. There are ALWAYS 10-20 percent of drivers texting whenever I make these brief observational surveys. Larger studies find the same thing.)