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Thread: Advice needed: Should I switch from 2X10 to 1X11 on a touring bike

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    So here's an elegant solution I just learned about.

    White Industries makes a crank set for gravel riding called the G30. You can get it as a 1X or 2X, and the double option lets you choose among a wide array of chainrings (called VBC) to configure the gear ratio you want. All compatible with 9, 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.

    For those of you who follow our local touring icons TenMetersFromTheHut and FlakyTartDough, this is the setup they have on their low trail Waterfords, which they're currently riding around the world. They chose 44/28t for the chainrings, which reportedly work just fine with Ultegra shifters. If it's good enough for Kazakhstan.....

    Given all the possible combinations, I went down the rabbit hole with a gear calculator. 46/26t chainrings and a standard 11-34t 11-spd cassette results in a range of 20.6 to 112.9 gear inches (assuming 700x38 tires and 170 crank arms). Still not quite as impressive as the Pinion P.18 (17.8 to 111.7) but getting close. There may be some tradeoffs in expanding the range and reducing the gear overlap, but I'm not sure what those are besides getting used to shifting such a beast -- White Ind simply recommends not more than a 24-tooth gap between small and big rings.

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    The White Industries crank looks really nice, but it's (unsurprisingly) expensive -- $300 for the arms, $175 for the VBC rings -- and 26/46 is achievable with a standard 74/110 BCD crank. So why not just use something like this $158 Sugino double plus chain guard from Rivindell, throw away the chain guard, and spend another $40 to buy a 46T 110 ring?


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