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I find it especially interesting that the APD repeatedly tell us that they can't enforce violations of traffic laws (3 foot passing, aggressive driving) without witnessing said infraction yet in this case, the officer took eyewitness testimony from a single eyewitness to write a ticket.
In reporting the car portion of folks driving over my lawn (http://bikearlingtonforum.com/showth...337#post129337), I was told by the Arlington Co. Police officer that what the driver did was reckless driving, he could not ticket because he did not witness - it is the type of offense that needs a witness - however, a witness could go to the magistrate to swear that so-and-so was driving the vehicle and the vehicle did X. Then action could be taken against the driver. The police would help with locating the person (since we had a license plate number). Could this also be done with the 3 ft rule? If you had a way to locate the driver (license plate) and recall seeing the driver (perhaps all from a movie), then perhaps this is a way to actually have offenders fined.