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Thread: Razor booby traps found hidden on MD bike trail

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    Default Razor booby traps found hidden on MD bike trail

    Dave Kalt, the MORE coordinator for the trails in the Frederick Watershed, just send out a notice about booby traps found on the trail. His info is below as are links to news stories about it:

    Just to make sure everyone has the correct information:

    -Approximately 10-12 devices were found

    -they were laid within the last week to 10 days

    -All were found on or around on sections of trails close to a known gravity riding area

    -1st set was found last week on a popular xc trail

    -2nd set found imbedded in the jumps of a popular gravity trail

    As of right now, if anyone finds devices the direction we have gotten is to call DNR Police. If anyone is injured by them, I would call 911.

    I will send out any more info when I get it as to what to do when you come across one.

    Be careful

    Dave Kalt
    Frederick Watershed

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    Its been a sporadic but constant issue at the Shed for years now. Lots of tension between locals and various user groups who use the land. Hunters don't care for riders and hikers (and feel they've been there longer), eco-nuts don't want bikes in the woods, and some locals don't like anyone.

    I think that historically its mostly been limited to the DH runs (or trails perceived to be, like the drop trails above fishing creek).

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    I've encountered booby traps while running on the Occoquan-Bull Run trail, and there have been booby traps on the trails at Wakefield (I think they finally caught the person behind those).

    There are some sick people in the world.

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