For sale: Used blue Yepp mini kids bike seat. With sleeproll and connection for standard handlebars (21-28mm in diameter). $110

Details via my husband: Iím selling this because it doesnít work with my Trek 7100 hybrid bike. Seat is in overall good condition with minimal signs of wear, with one exception: Iím not sure if the lock works. I twisted one of the two keys trying to operate the lock. However, all you need to do for security is run a cable through the seat bars when you park your bike. I believe you can get new keys by contacting GMG, the Dutch manufacturer.

I had no problem installing it and the seat was secure, but I couldnít really ride it without bowing out my legs (Iím 5í 11íí). The main problem is that I had a difficult time mounting and dismounting my bike while the seat was in place. Thereís no easy way to find out which bikes this seat fits, but a good rule of thumb is the more forward you have to lean when you ride, the less likely this seat will work for you. GMG makes these with Dutch commuter bikes in mind (which sit upright), not super-sporty road bikes with drop bars.

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