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Thread: Pictures from Bike to Work Day 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLizotte View Post
    2) How in the world does it stay inflated? So that the person inside can breathe, air must be going in and out so how the heck....
    My neighbor wore one of those inflated costumes for Halloween last year. It had what looked like a computer's cooling fan built into it that ran continuously to keep it inflated. I think it took a handful of 9V batteries. And because it was airtight-ish with elastic around the wrists, ankles and neck, he said it got pretty hot pretty quickly.

    So I'm more curious how Duck Guy can see!?!

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    Default September 17 is Fall Bike to Work Day in Kyiv

    A link to a Strava ride with some Kyiv Fall B2W Day.


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