View Photos of Recovered Property

Every year, the Metropolitan Police Department recovers hundreds of stolen and abandoned bicycles, and hundreds of lost and found electronic devices. This property is inventoried by the MPDs Evidence Control Branch. Property not claimed within 90 days of recovery is considered abandoned. The MPD will advertise this property as abandoned and may dispose of any property not claimed within the designated timeframe. Recovered property not claimed may be auctioned through or donated. Before any recovered bicycles are auctioned or donated, images will be posted online.

View photos of recovered bicycles

View photos of recovered cell phones and cameras

The Property Clerk of the Metropolitan Police Department hereby gives notice of the custody of the following property and his intention to sell or otherwise dispose of such property in accordance with the District of Columbia's code 5-119.

Any person or entity having a right of claim to any item of property pictured online must appear in person to:

Evidence Control Branch
# 17 DC Village Lane, SW
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 727-3230

To claim property pictured via one of the links above, individuals must provide the MPDs Evidence Control Branch with the following information:

* Government Identification
* Bar code included with the bicycle image
* Proof of ownership of property OR documentation that a police report was filed (CCN)

Service Contact: Evidence Control Division
Contact Phone: (202) 727-3230
Contact TTY: 711
Office Hours: 8 am - 3:30 pm