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Thread: Trainer and mat and electronic turn signals for sale

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    Default Trainer and mat and electronic turn signals for sale

    I bought a fluid trainer and a mat for under the trainer from Nashbar but realized that I just can't ride at all until my injury is healed. In the meantime, I'll be moving across the country and don't want to haul these. $115 for the trainer or $140 for trainer and mat.



    The turn signals I bought for commuting, but I realized you can't put two sets on one bike (no front and back, just one or the other), so I never used them. $30 each.

    I also have an old (OLD) Terry Cite Y saddle for recreational use (not for long miles) for $5. It's in fine shape, but I bought it used and didn't like it (too upright), so it just takes up space in my house.

    Pick up is in Takoma Park, kind of a haul from VA. Sorry, I'm injured so I can't get anything over to VA.
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