For sale:

1 x Chris King Classic High Flange hub (also known as the cyclocross hub), front (100mm OLD), 32 hole, red anodized - $100

1 x Chris King Classic High Flange hub (again, aka as the cyclocross hub), rear (130mm OLD), Shimano/SRAM 9/10sp driveshell, 32 hole, red anodized - $300

Asking $350 for the pair, because I'd prefer not to separate. Hubs available for pickup in the Alexandria area weeknights and weekends, or NOMA/Union Station during normal business hours. Cash only. Not interested in trades. Pics available by request.

Both hubs have around 10k miles on them so by Chris King standards, they're practically new. Rear hub was recently overhauled using the proper King hub tool and lubricated using King's Ring Drive lube. The rear hub driveshell has typical notching, but I've knocked it down with a fine-tooth file so cassettes install/uninstall smoothly. King has both aluminum and stainless replacement driveshells available.

Now, the reason these hubs are cooler that your average Chris King hub is that you can build up a wheelset with them using most shallower-section rims and use the same spoke length, F&R, drive & non-drive side. So for any touring folks, that means only one spoke size to carry as spares. Or, for home mechanics, buy 1 box of spokes and be done with it. It also simplifies wheel building, provided you add an extra turn or two to the drive side spokes prior to tensioning.

Buy now, and enjoy your angry bees!!!