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Thread: How the Sun sees you

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    Default How the Sun sees you

    When I played ultimate, there was a doctor who always wore a brimmed hat, played in long sleeves, and put on sun screen (and no he was not sun sensitive). It was one of those "if you who knows a hell of a lot more about this than I am doing this ~ then maybe I should too" - moments.

    I read another doctor who says we should basically put on sun screen twice. Basically because most of us do such a lousy job that putting it on once usually is too anemic to get the job done.

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    YouTube's blocked here at work, but I'm going to step out on an uneducated limb and just say that I assume this is just one more reason for me to continue to prefer overcast riding in late fall and early spring to anything else...

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    Get some sun/solar sleeves. With the wind created on a bike and the fact they block the sun I find them cooler than riding in short sleeves.

    Get a bucket hat/wide brimmed hat (my personal choice at the moment) For golf... bit harder when riding a bike...

    put sunblock on your hands and face

    wear sunglasses

    If you aren't doing anything requiring lots of exertion/stretching wear pants. They make some really light weight pants these days.

    I burn like its my job and have had no issues since getting smarter about what I wear going outside.

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