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Thread: Found Connection

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    Default White House Helpfulness. A miracle tale.

    Four minutes into the torrential downpour, I take a left from the 15th St. PBL onto Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

    Officers are starting to string yellow caution tape, but the road is still open. No one stops or redirects me.

    About 2/3rds of the way to 17th, they have strung the yellow tape all the way across and also along the sidewalks and everywhere. I am certain I will have to backtrack all the way back. I start slowing and looking for some way through, but the tape is surrounding me on three sides.

    And then! A miracle! One of the officers who has just strung the tape lifts it up high and holds it for me to ride under and escape to the west.

    Me: "Thank you very much, sir!"
    Him: "You're welcome"

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    You: The ten (I counted) riders who passed me in rapid succession yesterday (yeah yeah, I'm slow), all of whom called their pass.

    Me: flabbergasted.

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    Me: Cycling west on Fairfax Drive in bike lanes approaching Glebe.
    You: Bus driver who kindly moves to the right turn lane behind me rather than cutting me off as so many do. Waves to me as we wait at the light. Then opens your window and says hello.
    Me: Good evening.
    We then chat about how far I bike each day and you are impressed. The left turn light turns green and we prepare for our green light. I hear a cyclist behind me coming up fast who then passes me (light is still red and left turn light turning yellow) races through the intersection, aims for the curb in the bike lanes that start on the other side of Glebe and jumps it continuing down the PBL in a zig-zag.
    Me: arms and shoulders in a "what the..." motion and phrasing to match.
    You: laughing and shaking your head.
    We wave and go our ways as the light turns green.


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