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Thread: VDOT asking for input about curb cuts

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    Default VDOT asking for input about curb cuts

    I wasn't sure what part of the forum this falls into. Good curb cuts are cyclists' friends too...please share! Note response date is Aug 31. This is as I received it from a friend at Easter Seals:

    NEVER MIND -- VDOT withdrew the survey. Apparently it got out without proper vetting.
    Last edited by Kbikeva; 08-05-2014 at 07:47 PM. Reason: Survey Withdrawn

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    It's mostly getting to the point where curb cuts are entirely focused on accesibility and are cyclist-hostile. USDOT now says that returned curbs are preferable to flares.

    (The design on the right rather than the design on the left.)
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    So if VDOT does any work on curb cuts, expect it to end up looking like a little maze rather than anything you might want to bike on.

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    My first suggestion would be mandating them where sidewalks end. Rt 1 is littered with sidewalks to nowhere that have no curb cuts. There is one down right before Ft. Belvoir next to a hotel. It's a good 9" off the ground and abruptly stops for absolutely no reason. Of course, I've raised the issue of an entirely missing pedestrian, let alone cyclist, infrastructure on Rt 1 in this stretch from 495 to Ft. Belvoir, but it's made no difference I'm afraid.

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