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Thread: Missed connection

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    My name isn't Mark, but if someone yelled "Mark" at me while we passed, I'd likely respond.

    Yesterday was the day for missed connections. Don't much feel like angry-ing up the blood by recounting them, but some days I can see why people get angry at cyclists. And pedestrians. And drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcannon100 View Post
    My strategy is to not worry about it. It's amazing how wonderful a bike ride can be.

    7 things you should give up to be a happy cyclist, London Cyclist
    You nailed it. With almost 50-years of cycling, including some racing, I agree 100 percent.
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    Default Let's Just Close George Mason Drive at the W&OD Crossing

    I've got a fresh missed connection from this morning.

    Me: riding westbound on W&OD in the crosswalk at George Mason Dr
    You: driver facing southbound on George Mason Dr, waiting at a red light
    (W&OD and Four Mile Run Dr have a green light with about 10 seconds left on the countdown timer)
    You: blatantly just start driving through the intersection and run the red just behind me
    Me: looks behind me, shocked at what you just did yet relieved you didn't do it a few seconds earlier
    You: now facing southbound on George Mason Dr, waiting at ANOTHER red light; time saved = a few seconds
    Was it worth it to do such a reckless thing?


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