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Thread: 2014 Bike to Work Day Registration Is Open

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckolas View Post
    Why was the Reston pit stop changed? The new location is not nearly as safe for inexperienced riders, which this event tends to attract. As an semi-experienced rider, I would not recommend that a new rider ride on the Wiehle Ave/Sunset Hills Rd. intersection. There is too much construction, no designated bike lanes, and the drivers are extremely aggressive there. This decision does not appear to take this into account and should have left the location at the Reston Town Center, a much safer, more convenient location to host a pit stop. I'm pretty disappointed about this change when all other pit stops are usually right along the trails.
    It seems pretty obvious to me that they are trying to promote the new metro station as a transportation hub and as a spot for multi-modal commuting. There is plenty of space at the east side corner of Wiehle and north of Sunset Hills for lots of tents and demos and etc. from there its a simple ride up the hill on the west side of Wiehle (granted it is on the 8' wide sidewalk) up to the metro station. Plus it would have the added advantage of being something that drivers could see and remind them that there are other things to consider besides making the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by culimerc View Post
    It seems pretty obvious to me that they are trying to promote the new metro station as a transportation hub and as a spot for multi-modal commuting.
    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

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    Clearly, they moved the stop to be closer to my office at the Sunrise Valley and W&OD intersection. So, blame me this time!


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    Default Reston Stop

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoWheelsDC View Post
    You'd probably have to check with the event organizers and send them an email. However, FWIW, that location seems okay to me and I'm guessing that the BTWD folks are simply doing the best they can with the options available to them. The location you mention is pretty darn close to the trail (500 feet) and there's a decently wide sidewalk, so riders won't need to use the road. Sure, it's not as good as if it were right on the trail, but Reston Town Center doesn't seem to be any better in that regard, since it requires riders to leave the trail and ride on roads. Also, I wouldn't say "all" the other stops are on the trails. I would actually say stops on the trails are the exception and not the rule, since the trails only run through a limited number of areas. All that's not to say you're question is not legitimate, but it's also important to recognize that BTWD is a huge undertaking and it's going to involve some compromises, particularly since so many variables are completely out of the BTWD staff's control.
    If they have moved up the stop to be a street up from the trail it's not a great safe option. I park every day in the Pizza Hut/McDonalds parking lot for my daily morning ride. Makes more sense to have it on the trail but they must want to promote the new Metro stop. Both Sunset Hills and Wiehle are a rough and dangerous crossings most of the day. This could be a disaster.

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