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Thread: Falls Church CaBi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockford10 View Post
    - I have not had a problem getting anywhere I wanted to go via bike in Falls Church CITY. I simply cross Broad street and then ride on Park to get where I need to go. The crosses over Broad Street are pretty good; sometimes I take West Street, which isn't great, but Virginia Ave. is super easy and is my main route through town.

    I was in C of FC yesterday, taking my bike back to the best bike shop in the region for some minor repairs, but I forgot to check when they opened and got there way too early, so I rode around "The Little City" to pick up some more FS points.

    I am not the most strong fearless rider around, and yet my sense is that Park worked just fine. The situation with Broad is not really comparable to King west of the metro station - the parallel route is much, much better in FC. It is more comparable to King in Old Town, except Park in FC was generally quieter and more comfortable than Cameron in Alexandria.

    It maybe though that Park could be given more explicit bike boulevard treatment beyond just painted sharrows and hte absence of a center line.

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    Anyone know when we might expect movement on bikeshare in Falls Church? I want to buy a yoga package there and bikeshare would make it a lot easier.

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