Policewitness.com has updated their website to take US orders. So, theoretically, for $43.69 you may be able to get drivers to give you an extra 1/2 inch of clearance. A claim is backed by data.

Alternatives are widely available on eBay, but it is telling that Grainger, a popular distributor, does not like to sell items with the word "POLICE" online. Maryland statutes seem to restrict "shoulder patches," but DC statutes are much more ambiguous. I have not looked at VA statutes.

The bigger story here of course is, in the UK, there seems to be a nation-wide car & cycling community who regularly record traffic video and then ensures it get into the hands of the police for prosecution. In the US, these are state laws, so perhaps the solution here would be local as well.

GoPro is becoming more and more popular and Monoprice.com also sells a similar camera for less than half the price.

What does WABA community think about this?