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Thread: Looking for Routes

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    Default Looking for Routes

    I'm thinking about moving to DC area, and wondering if there is any way to get from Ft Belvoir, VA to Bolling AFB, DC without having to go through DC. I can't see a way to go north after crossing the Wilson bridge. Any ideas?

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    Default It's doable

    You ride from Belvoir (Walker Gate) to Mount Vernon on the Mount Vernon Highway. Take the Mount Vernon Trail about 7.5 miles to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Take the path along the north side of the bridge to Maryland and keep going until you see the trail split for National Harbor. Take a left and follow the trail about a mile up a long hill to Oxon Hill Road. Take a left on OHR (not fun in traffic)> After about 1/2 mile turn left after the underpass to go to Oxon Hill Farm. There's a trail there that goes back down to the river and eventually into DC. From the end of the trail you can get to Bolling AFB. All in all this is (I'm guessing) about 20 miles.

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    Definitely doable! There are a number of commuters who head that way each day to DC Water Blue Plains and the Naval Research lab. These directions complement what Rootchopper said:

    These guys at this link did quite a nice job with some photos to show you the turnings:

    (A couple of the pictures are old now as the DC Village building is demolished) “Jane in DC Village” picture.

    They didn’t cross the Wilson bridge first so you’ll need to take these instructions to get you to Oxon Hill Road:

    You can access the trail on the Wilson Bridge from GW parkway. It’s on the North side of the bridge. From Old town side it’s easiest (no ‘narrow’ sidewalk riding) to go south on ‘South Royal Street’ go under the bridge and turn right up the trail to GW then right and right again puts you on the bridge trail.

    At the East end of the trail about ¼ mile form National Harbor development you’ll see a sign that says Oxon Hill Road 0.8mile. Follow this left through the little tunnel and take the trail up the hill to Oxon Hill Road.

    At the traffic signal at the top turn left. I, and most of the other commuters, stay on the left side of the road riding in the bike lane against the traffic.

    Watch for the pinch point under the two bridges – the bike lane disappears – but you can ride on the dusty dirty sidewalk if needed.

    You’ll reach another traffic signal – turn left into Oxon Cove Farm NPS. From there you can follow the photos on the site above.

    Another nice way to look at the route is to use Google Maps. They have a ‘biking’ option now that’s cool. Using the online version with the satellite image turned on, will let you zoom in and study the route.

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    Are you able to pass through the Oxon Cove farm at any time? I will be traveling at 5am and the Oxon Cove farm is by far the quickest and probably the safest route to Bolling.


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