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    Cool Let's talk about Rosslyn

    So I volunteered at the last BAC meeting to be the BAC liaison to the "Realize Rosslyn" planning effort. For those who don't know, Arlington is working to update the Rosslyn Sector plan which will outline what we want Rosslyn to look like in the future in regard to building height, street layout, parks, use mix (office / residential / etc).

    They have been gathering ideas for a number of months now and are starting to coalesce those ideas into a framework of principals and then further into a draft sector plan. The major "themes" at this point are:

    1.Transform commuter corridors into places for people
    2.Connect to regional parks and the Potomac River
    3.Create a sustainable Rosslyn through mixed uses and energy infrastructure
    4.Vary building height for great public spaces, views and skyline
    5.Unite Rosslyn along an extended 18th Street

    And the ideas coming out of that at this point include some great things for cyclists like:
    1) converting Lynn & Ft Myer Drive to 2 way streets
    2) rebalancing many of the streets to include dedicated bike facilities and wider sidewalks at the expense of travel lanes
    3) adding additional trail connections
    4) connecting 18th Street through the core of Rosslyn, potentially as a car-free or car-lite street.

    The "current thinking" shown to the BAC at the last meeting was this map of a theoretical proposed set of bicycle facilities in Rosslyn. It includes:
    1) a 1-way NB cycle track on Lynn between 50 and 19th
    2) a 2-way cycle track on Lynn between 19th and Lee Hwy
    3) a 1-way SB cycle track on Ft Myer Dr between Lee and 50
    4) a 1-way SB cycle track on Nash between Ft Myer Dr and Wilson
    5) a 2-way cycle track on Wilson between Lynn and Arlington Ridge Rd
    6) a new trail connection between 19th/Arlington Ridge Rd and the Mt Vernon Trail
    7) extensions of the Arlington Boulevard Trail on both sides of 50
    8) a new trail connection to the Roosevelt Bridge
    9) various additional bike lanes

    The primary feedback given at the BAC meeting was: given the difficulty in turning left off of Wilson onto Lynn, people really want a 2-way cycle track on Nash so they can take that through Rosslyn instead of trying to make that left. Also cycletracks = good.

    If you want additional background on what changes may be coming to Rosslyn as a result of this process, I highly recommend THIS document and also THIS document. It helps a lot. Many of these decisions make more sense when seen in the light of the whole framework (like the Rosslyn Esplanade concept, the green loop concept, etc.)

    Now, what ideas do YOU have on making cycling better in Rosslyn? I will compile people's thoughts in a letter right now and also continue to push them throughout the Rosslyn process.
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