I've launched CycloMend, a peer-to-peer platform for bike repair/services. We maintain a network of independent, mobile bicycle mechanics, that perform fixes where and when customers want.

Mobile mechanics are of course nothing new. There are already many great ones in the DC area. However, I've always felt that the model hasn't taken off like it could. There are several reasons for that, namely many cyclists (especially more casual riders) don't know that mobile mechanics exist and/or don't how to find them. Also, many potential mobile mechanics can't invest the time to create a great platform (i.e. website with all the bells and whistles) that appeals to a broader array of customers.

We aim to provide a service to the customer (i.e. fixed bike) but also to mechanics (i.e. more work, less admin/logistics hassle). CycloMend is a peer-to-peer model, that connects pre-vetted, qualified, mechanics with customers. Concept was developed/tested through Aug/Sep and launched a month ago.

Here's a 1-minute video intro to CycloMend. I'm a DC native but have been living overseas for most of the last 10 years. Would definitely welcome all comments, on this thread or by email at info@cyclomend.com

- Colin (founder)