A message from some advocates attempting to justify a cross-cemetery route in Los Angeles.


From: Dr Michael Cahn <velocipedus@gmail.com>

Dear Cemetery Cyclists in DC

We are working on getting a bit of a public discussion about the closed gate for our cemetery here, and it is now happening under the title http://www.connectingucla.org/

One page http://www.connectingucla.org/p/the-...-cemetery.html outlines the options. We are now inviting the public to comment on this. I fear that some well-meaning defenders of military honor may react harshly specifically to this page.

As a preventive antidote, may I ask you look at the page, and enter a comment which refers to your experiences in DC, and and how the "dignity, beauty and serenity" of the place can be maintained with "decorous cycling" - No need to specifically affirm our vision, just some facts from your end would get us off to a great start and could help to calm people here

On http://greatergreaterwashington.org/...#comment-91277 someone called "thump" has family interred there - If you know him, why not forward this...

Many Thanks!

Michael Cahn