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Thread: This bike lane snuck up on me....

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    Default This bike lane snuck up on me....

    Thank you Arlington for the OTHER new-ish bike lane on Fairfax Drive. I think many of us have seen all the construction going on near Ballston with the Fairfax Drive bike lane near Marymount. I haven't ridden across the 25th St. N bridge over I-66 onto Fairfax Dr. (that becomes Lincoln Ave) near Falls Church in a month or so. When I did so yesterday, I found this lovely little bike lane that goes across the bridge and up to the county line. It is about 1/4 mile long and much needed. Hopefully Falls Church City will take up the torch and continue the lane.... though I think they may not. The locals like their on-street parking.

    The lane.

    The Location

    Thanks Arlington! Y'all are awesome.


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    yep, that makes it much easier to get up from the W&OD to Westmoreland and Williamsburg.
    Thanks +1

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    I love this and they also just finished painting bike lanes near the end of Westmoreland St. there where it hits Fairfax. This is my regular commuting route and it is so nice to have those lanes there. They also added a bike lane on Westmoreland across from Haycock ES and sharrows to Westmoreland St. starting after Haycock Rd. going south.

  4. 12-15-2013, 05:02 PM

    Oops. I was happy about the new lane at 66 and the Marymount Blue Goose on Fairfax. Never mind...


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