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Thread: Bike light recommendations

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    I have 3* Lumina 750s. I like them very much. My only negative notes-- the most recent one, the little rubber cover that protects the usb charging port from weather fits so tightly that I can't actually close it, thus negating the weather protection. I think once I manage to get it to close. Once. And for me at least there was a learning curve in popping the light into the holder part that attaches to the handlebar. You need to push it in until you hear it click-- if you** aren't paying attention and stop as soon as you feel resistance it's not locked in place and will go flying when you** hit a bump.

    *yes, 3. I had 2 because I wanted a spare. Then I lost one proving the need for a spare, so I bought another. Eventually, I found the lost one back.

    **or, well, I, at least

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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyRider View Post
    My thinking on this has evolved a bit since February. Kinda interested in the B&M Ixon IQ Premium described on Peter White's site. Battery powered and has a cutoff beam. Not cheap at ~$100, but seems like it'd be a step up from the Cygolite 300 I've been using the past few years. Anyone using one of these?
    Excellent light--it puts the light where it needs to be, so even though it doesn't have the same lumens as some of the flashlight lights, it does a better job of lighting the road. (It's a much more even beam pattern, so you don't get dazzled by a bright spot in the middle foreground.) I also recommend mounting it lower than the handlebars, which helps bring out road irregularities. (Fork crown or front rack mount.) I supplement with a helmet mounted light, usually on low as a backup, but also as a steerable high beam when off-road (e.g., on trails where you also need to watch for branches). They've been out a few years now, so they're starting to be available at pretty steep discounts online.

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