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Thread: Dear Bike Orgs: CFC

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    Default Dear Bike Orgs: CFC

    During last year's CFC campaign, it did not seem like bicycle organizations woke up to the campaign until well into it (and by that time fed employees had already decided who to give to). Well, its CFC time. If you are a bike non profit and you participate in CFC, NOW would be a very good time to announce that fact, provide you CFC number, and explain why people should give to you.

    I mean, I'm just saying....

    (I will try once again to compile a list of participating bike orgs, and circulate it)

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    FWIW -- I came across this list from 2012 CFC on the FedBikes web site. I contribute to a few of these.

    Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
    League of American Bicyclists
    Bikes Not Bombs, Inc.
    Bikes for the World, Inc.
    Bikes Belong Foundation.
    Washington Area Bicyclist Association
    Mountain Bicycling Association, International
    Adventure Cycling Association
    USA Cycling, Inc.

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