From re: the USA Pro Challenge:

"Former U.S. road champion Ben King considers himself lucky to be going at all.

King was involved in a high-speed training crash days ago when an automobile turned into his path without warning. The Virginia native was descending at approximately 60 kph when he was forced off the road.

“I grabbed as much brakes as I could, but the car ran me off the road and there was no place to go,” King told VeloNews. “It all happened so quickly, so I went off the road and basically did a belly flop on a boulder. I’m in a lot of pain, but I’ve got nothing to lose and I’m going to do my best to help the team and get through [the week].

“Nothing’s broken. I blacked out a couple of times after the impact … I’ve got a lot of internal bruising and a couple of stitches in the arm.”

At the finish, King was candid about his condition.

“It felt really bad, but I made it through the day.”

Asked if he felt he could finish the race, the Virginia native smiled.

“That’s the plan. I wouldn’t have started if I hadn’t planned to finish.”