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Thread: Parking in Cycletrack

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    Default Parking in Cycletrack

    On my morning commute around 9 a.m. today, two delivery trucks were completely blocking the L Street cycletrack. I'm posting this in the hopes that public attention might mitigate the problem -- or at least encourage other cyclists to politely but consistently educate drivers about the cycletrack.

    The first illegally parked truck was a Cort Furniture Rental truck near 19th St. The second was a Canada Dry truck in front of the CVS store at Connecticut and L. Neither had a driver within eyesight, or even hazard lights, and both fully blocked the cycletrack, forcing me to merge into oncoming car traffic. I phoned 311 to report both violations, and the city operator was very polite and said the violations would be reported. I then called both businesses as a courtesy to let them know that it's illegal for delivery vehicles to park in the lanes. The woman I spoke to at Cort was terrific -- very courteous, apologized, and said she'd make sure the dispatch office contacted the driver. I had a completely different experience with CVS -- I phoned the store three times and each time was put on infinite hold. Maybe I'll stop in in person on my way home.

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    Thanks so much for being so proactive on this (contacting the stores); not many folks would do that.

    If you have pics of the offenders you can post them here:


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