This a unique looking bike that rides extremely well on the flats and in the saddle. I'm selling it because my cycling is now confined largely to commuting and I'd like to move to a steel frame and get a fixie. It has a carbon fiber top, down, and seat tube. The rest of the frame is aluminum. This 2200 model was the last year Trek made the 2200 with carbon fiber before switching to a full aluminum design.
It has some minor cosmetic scratches, but otherwise it is pretty good condition. No cracks or anything and the scuffs could easily be touched up with some matching burgundy nail polish or model paint. The Shimano 105 derailleur still shifts great. It's a 58 cm frame, so you'll need to be a bit taller. I'm including a set of Look Keo Classic pedals as well. They're a bit scuffed up, but 100% functional.

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$375 obo.