Hi all,

I have posted in the past (long past) about some of the reflective bike fashion I've been making (latest completed project here ). I don't think it's anything I'd ever do to sell, because I enjoy it too much to do it full time.

However... I thought I'd try something - I made two reflective sashes, and I'm "trading" them in exchange for a $50 donation to my Team in Training fundraising. I'm doing the Sea Gull Century this fall, and as apprehensive as excited. The fundraising part seems harder than the training though! So I'm hoping that two people will both be willing enough to donate and interested enough to get a reflective sash. Here's the link to my blog post that describes the sashes and has the link to my fundraising page: http://tinlizzieridesagain.wordpress...ve-cycle-chic/ A third sash is already on its way to Australia, to a Twitter connection who donated.

They would be nice gifts for someone you know who is interested in casual biking but nervous about safety, because you can tie it on over anything, and it will pick up lights well. (Sorry guys, they are probably a bit too girly for you - I haven't found blaze orange reflective fabric yet.)

None of this money is going to me, and I probably won't do this again, considering I don't have much more of the reflective fabric. So now's your chance for designer samples!