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Thread: Beldor Rd from Elkton to Skyline

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    Default Beldor Rd from Elkton to Skyline

    I'm planning to do a little climbing in the Shenandoah before the Jeremiah Bishop Gran Fondo this Septermber and I was contemplating a loop out near Route 33 Spotswood Trail. Has anyone ridden up Beldor Rd? I can route all the way up to Skyline on ridewithGPS but I'm concerned it might be a 2.2 miles of hike-a-bike with 700 ft of elevation. I'm not currently running anything larger than a 25c, so it would be nice to know if it's more of a gravel grinder fire road, or a bumpy, log ridden uphill MTB slog.


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    Google shows tons of "roads" that look like they have access to Skyline Drive, but I've never seen one that looks like an actual road. Usually these are blocked off fire trails if anything. They're certainly not paved. I'm not much of a gravel/mud/trail person myself though, so maybe people do access the park from those side "roads".

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    I was thinking of doing some Skyline riding over the next few weeks as well, to get ready for my Alps trip at the end of June. I was just planning to do an out and back from Front Royal, for about a 55ish mile round trip. I'm out of town this weekend and the following, but fairly open after that, so let me know if you want to partner up.

    This was the basic route I had in mind, mainly because it was easy to plot out. I'd be open to pretty much anything paved:


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