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Thread: Riding to RFK for DC United

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    I haven't personally used it but I used to manage contractors for WABA at Audi Field next to Two Wheel Valet. You don't need a lock. They have several employees who work there and park the bike indoors so it's safe. And someone is always there watching the bikes. They did have lockers for backpacks but I believe they were $15/game to rent. I hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoglaces View Post
    Has anyone used the new bike valet at Audi Field? Website says you leave bike without a lock. I have always locked at National bike valet. I am going Wednesday night and thinking of leaving commuting backpack at work because of stadium no-bag policy, in which case I wouldn't be carrying my U-lock.
    I've done this several times. No problems so far. Also, SteveO said they've never had a bike stolen at the valet at the Nationals game. That said, I always ride a beater bike, just in case, and I take a lock just in case the valet is full. A few people lock their bikes up outside the valet area where there are some railings.

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