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Thread: Post your ride pics

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    More pics from the dumpling ride:

    Here we are at District Dumplings. Lord of the Mark rode out to meet us here. f148vr drove () here, but did buy some dumplings to share with us
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    We ended the ride at Beard Papa's, where we had cream puffs and hot drinks...except for the mentally disturbed people who ate ice cream.
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    The Phoenixball changed hands twice during the ride.
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    It’s not every day that you get to ride a bike to accomplish a bucket list item so here are some pics from my ride over the weekend to attend the world’s largest party, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, with over 2 million other newest BBFs. I actually rode around on two bikes, which belonged to my AirBnB host and were in advanced stages of decay that tested my McGyver abilities given only kitchen utensils as tools to make them road worthy.

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    Default Bike Adventure from Edmonds to Tukwila

    This past Valentine's Day, I showed my love for biking and did a somewhat impromptu commuter train bike ride (I had my idea for the ride, but I hadn't planned the route until that day). Don't have a car and are looking for an idea for a longer bike ride involving places you've never been to? Take a commuter train and ride back. It's a fun extension of an after-work ride, and I did it here in Seattle by taking the commuter train (the Sounder) from downtown Seattle north to Edmonds, then riding back through Seattle to my home in Tukwila (south of Seattle).

    My trip took me 35.5 miles from Edmonds to the northern section of the rail-trail Interurban Trail. The trail is in 2 sections as it kinda fades away into bike routes as it enters Seattle from both the north and south. I've been on the entire southern section but hadn't been on much of the northern section, so I decided to add it to my route. I did manage to get a flat on my new Schwalbe Marathon Plus rear tire that I nursed for the last 9 miles to get home (I have pics that will go on another thread).

    (top-left) map of my ride; (top-right) my bike on the Sounder commuter train which has straps for each wheel to hold 1 or 2 bikes securely in place; (bottom-left) bidding the 2-floor Sounder adieu to start my ride; (bottom-right) at the Edmonds commuter train station
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    (left) by chance, I headed to the shore to view the sunset and happened upon Olympic Beach; (right) watching the last of the sunset's light across Puget Sound from a public fishing pier
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    (left) watching the Edmonds-Kingston ferry loading up just before it left; (right) this boat bites
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    (top-left) the Interurban Trail, basically the W&OD equivalent here; (bottom-left) cool color-changing bridge on the Interurban Trail; (right) tsunami memorial to the earthquake, tsunami, and reactor disasters in Fukushima (you can ring the bell, and I did)
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    (top-left) sculptures of animals made from road signs; (top-right) neat windmill sculpture; (bottom-left) PBL next to the Amazon Spheres; (bottom-right) sometimes you need to take some time to ponder images like this
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