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Thread: Post your ride pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emm View Post
    Ohhhh but I did!

    It says under her picture:
    The official sponsor of Komo's Natchez Trace Ride

    It is probably the best jersey EVER.

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    As part of our contract with Flutterbee we had to zip up our jerseys for the finish line photos.

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    Last month, four couples/friends, my wife, and I spent six days pedaling through the hilly, windy and wine-dy roads of Tuscany in Italy. The ten of us went through the Backroads touring company, and it was straight from a dream. The package included really nice bikes, riding intel and support, incredible meals, and beautiful hotels during the bike tour. We didn't have to do a thing except pedal and absorb the Italian sun & culture.

    Minus three of us, everyone rode the Backroads machines: titanium road bikes with Ultegra Di2. One guy opted to pay more for an S-Works Specialized Roubaix, and my wife and I used a Co-Motion Periscope tandem due to her being a little smaller and not being able to use one of the Backroads ti bikes (and she understandably didn't want to use a kids' 24" wheel bike that they offered):

    Day 5: Riding Tuscany by ricky d, on Flickr

    Although we were usually the last ones to arrive at the hilltop towns (all the towns where we stopped are on top of the mountains), we'd often blow by the single riders on the curvy downhills, sometimes reaching speeds as fast as 45MPH (which made my wife scream a few times).

    The roads were in great shape and uncrowded. When we'd approach towns - which again, were on top of the mountains so we were a little slow-going, cars would never honk at us to hurry up or get out of their way. They'd queue up behind us, and only pass when it was totally safe for us and them. This blew my mind.

    Day 7: Siena by ricky d, on Flickr

    Since it was grape picking season in Tuscany, there was sweetness in the air:

    What Tuscany is all about by ricky d, on Flickr

    Everywhere you looked was like out of a painting:

    Day 8: Big Riding by ricky d, on Flickr

    More pics from the trip:


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