Caution signs have been added along the right lane of Columbia Pike (westbound). The signs indicate that the right lane is now closed off. They placed traffic cones in the right lane, from the former entrance to the old Navy Annex and continuing west until the edge of the Navy Annex site.

I know that there are various renovation plans for the Pike. But I thought that the sidepath on this section of the road wasn't going to be built for a few years at the earliest. It's possible that the lane closure is related to the ongoing demolition of the Navy Annex.

(I wouldn't complain if someone had decided to add a functional temporary sidepath. The existing sidewalk is very narrow, too close to high-speed traffic on Columbia Pike and very rough in places. Does anyone know what the immediate plans are for this section of Columbia Pike?)

Anyway, for those who use the sidewalk on the north side of the Pike, beware. The caution signs jut into the sidewalk area. There isn't much room to squeeze past the corners of those signs.