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Thread: Stolen front wheel (black, Al, 32-hole rim, Ritchey Comp QR disc hub, 29er mtb tire)

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    Default Stolen front wheel (black, Al, 32-hole rim, Ritchey Comp QR disc hub, 29er mtb tire)

    It is with great disappointment that my first post here is reporting stolen bike parts. I moved into town a few weeks ago, and locked up my mountain bike in the secured cage in the garage of my apartment in Ballston. Used a u-lock for the rear wheel to the cage wall, and a cable securing the rest (frame, suspension fork, front wheel). I assumed even this was overkill for a "secure" garage and "secure" bike cage.

    Sometime between the evening of 01/29/2013 and the morning of 02/15/2013, someone accessed the cage, cut the cable and made off with my front wheel. I don't have high hopes that anyone will find it, but just incase you see something for sale matching the description, I'd love to buy it back (or offer a reward for its return).

    The rim is a nondescript, black, aluminum double walled deep-V with machined sidewalls. The size is 622x19. If the sticker has not been removed it says "VDC Extra Extra!!! Super Power Rim". The sidewalls have never been used for braking, so they should appear like new. There was some rust around the spoke nipples. The hub is a Ritchey comp QR disc hub, with a disc attached (see photo). The tire that was mounted to the rim at the time it was stolen was a WTB MotoRaptor 29" 2.1 (inches wide).

    The rim is over 10 years old, and the tire is almost as old. I'd imagine there aren't that many of these particular items circulating, at least not in decent condition.

    Your help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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