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Thread: Please Support Capital Bikeshare at the Arlington Cemetery Metro

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
    IIRC the NPS location was actually part-way around the cloverleaf ramp to the point where CaBi's operations staff said they couldn't safely serve the station because there would be nowhere for the truck to pull up and park. Even if there was, it would lock their truck into going to Crystal City afterwards which would limit their mobility. They didn't like the location at all.
    Oh, scratch that then. I had assumed that it was on the Memorial Drive side of the hedge.

    (And everyone has now witnessed me use up my annual Giving NPS Benefit of the Doubt Allowance.)


    I do take the viewshed concerns seriously, though (and could take them even more seriously, if ANC didn't use Memorial Drive as an employee parking lot). Putting a station where the existing bike rack is would be fine if they put in sidewalk connection to the Metro entrance.

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    Default formalize the 'existing' CaBi station

    Anyone know why the CaBi station can't go where the previous post / photograph showed the CaBi bikes? Near the entrance to the visitor center?


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