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Thread: 2013 Fondos anyone?

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    I've done MoM three times, but had to miss last spring because I was sick. This is about the best organized event I've ever done, and the only one with actual timings recorded (despite being "NOT a race" -- sure...)

    I made it to the top the first time, and the last time. I should have quit while I was ahead, but as of right now I'll probably do it one more time before I get too old and feeble...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimF22003 View Post
    It was a nasty cold wet spring day, and most of the people who were planning to do the century bailed and took the shortcut for the 100K ride. I guess I was last on the course at some point and everybody at the final rest stop and the support vehicle guy wanted to go home and get warm, so they more or less insisted I SAG in.
    Aww I had something similar happen on my very first metric. A severe thunderstorm (tornado warnings, hail and the everything else) caused everyone to get scooped up in our segment. That is a very defeating feeling that I would not much care to repeat. After that I started working on increased my AMS to outrun the rain, with mixed results.

    I really do hope you get out there and get play in the mountains. I do not look forward to the day my body is done with physical challenges but I know it is inevitable. I raise my glass to you sir.

    It is looking like I will be out of the country for probably the two weeks leading up to MoM so I do not think this will be the year I get to go do that one. However I am hopeful that that is the only wedding I will be attending and I will be able to do Garret County and JBs Fondo in September, and in order to meet my goal for the year I think the Total200 will have to be in there. Garret county is the last week of June so BikeMS would be a good last distance training ride (first weekend in June) if anyone is interested

    It is nice to see that I am not the only one planning what to do now. I guess many of us have that itch.

    Happy new year all,


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