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Thread: Capital 'Cross Classic - local cyclocross race in Reston

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlingtonrider View Post
    Sorry to have missed this today. We need photos!
    Forget the photos, we need cupcakes.

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    Between the snow, mud, 23 degrees, chain suck, falling three times and constantly spinning out, I would have to say every inch of it sucked except for the 2" of delicious cupcakes.
    That was an absolute blast that I can't wait to do again next year.
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    I wasn't able to stay long and took a bunch of crappy phone pics. (I optimistically brought a 2 year old with a cold, AND a DSLR. Guess which won?)

    These are the only two that came out even slightly ok.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    tubatransport and dcv, in the left of the picture.
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    I think I managed to get Dave K to turn get his head once with my "cheering". It was a little hard to recognise a lot of folks all bundled up but I managed to make the most of my short stay. Wish I had been able to watch some of the snowier racing though!

    Later on I managed to get out for a quick spin in my neighbourhood. Studded tires make these sort of days really fun for riding (although if weather conditions were like this every day I'm sure I'd see things differently). 38 lbs of bike is a decent workout.
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    acc was awesome giving out cupcake hand ups. Matt Aune gave my wife a beer hand up during her race, he raced later in the day in mens cat 3/4. DaveK, JasonB, Tuba transport, protectnya and I raced mens cat 4/5. Lyds Rod and my wife raced womens cat 4, poor Lyds crashed out on the first lap. Hurt her knee, hope it heals quickly. Dirt vuvuzela master, VVill master blaster w/ baby, Mark Blacknell and megabeth came out to cheer, it was a good time.

    Mrs. dcv after coming down the chute

    me grunting up the hill

    Mrs. dcv asking the race officials if she had to do another lap. The answer was yes, much to her chagrin.
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    Mrs dcv kicks butt!!!!!

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    All you morning racers missed out on ridiculous amounts of thick nasty mud riding. No one needs an operational rear brake in 'cross anyways right? 2014 may be the year I switch to discs.

    CapCross by MattAune, on Flickr

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    I did the 8am cat 4/5 race (bib #160, was wearing the jersey with the Reddit alien on it) and it was probably the best race I have done this season. The mud had yet to totally kick in and by the final laps there was decent snow cover. Perfect CX weather. I wasn't able to stick around and watch the later races but from all the pictures it looks like it was pretty epic.

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