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Thread: Where Oh Where is THE Washcycle?

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    As distinct from the creepiness factor of checking the WABA forum obsessively?

    Quote Originally Posted by btj View Post
    When I say I check, I am actually checking Google Reader along with all the rest of my feeds (too many feeds). Am I being creepy??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley Casey View Post
    As distinct from the creepiness factor of checking the WABA forum obsessively?
    That's not a creepiness scale. That is the beguilement scale - as in obsessively avoiding work, school, home, family, food, doing anything constructive....

    Oh look! Another post from Dirt that I have to read!!
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    You could just read all the blogs he links to on the left. But it doesn't matter now since he posted something new.

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    Default don't call it a comeback

    I too check the Wash Cycle compulsively a couple times a day, including at work. And I just saw the latest post.

    Nothing else quite fills the broad role that Wash Cycle plays for the bike community, we are lucky to have it. I'll take whatever frequency of posts he can make, with many thanks.

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