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Thread: Bikemap Thoughts?

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    Default Bikemap Thoughts?

    When bikeplanner was announced I got really excited about the potential - it would always be up-to-date, would work on your PC, phone or tablet, and could conceivably show you things other than what roads have bike lanes. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be living up to that potential. The routing is still pretty bad, updating the OpenStreetMap data isn't particularly rewarding if you have to wait over 30 days just to see the fruits of your labor, it shows very little detail (you can't tell a sharrow from a bike lane), and it doesn't tell you anything else (bike parking? water fountains? rest rooms?) and as far as I know it hasn't had any features added since it launched.

    On the bright side while getting up to speed on things relating to bikeplanner, I discovered that what I was hoping for probably isn't actually that I've put together a proof-of-concept. It's rough around the edges and minimal in features, but I wanted to toss it out there for some feedback. It's the openstreetmap data, with bike lanes, trails, sharrows, bike routes and "other paths" all labeled separately, along with icons for bike parking, water fountains and restrooms. The data is incomplete, but easily update-able.

    Is this something you could see yourself using?
    What other features do you think would be useful?
    Other thoughts?

    Should be usable in any modern browser and from most tablets and smart phones.

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    It's missing the L Street bike lane!

    I might turn down the brightness on things that are not bike routes. It would make the good routes stand out a bit better.

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    Is there routing? I think one thing that made BikePlanner different was the inclusion of Capital Bikeshare into the routing.

    In the current form, it isn't all that different than the PDF or KMZ versions of the County bike map.


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