I'm trying to work out a nice loop I can do locally that doesn't involve backtracking. It's not for commuting, so the distance is totally flexible. I'd like to do as little playing in traffic as possible, so side streets and trails are preferred. I have the first half covered, from home to Mt Vernon at the end of the MT Vernon trail. What I need is a way to get from the end of the Mt Vernon trail to just about anywhere in Annandale. I'll be on a road bike, so gravel is not ideal. I really do not know the area around Franconia and Springfield well at all. If I get to Wakefield park, that would be fine because I have a good route from there to my home. If there's a more "inland" route that crosses Columbia Pike at Blair Rd, Whispering Rd, Sleepy Hollow etc. that would also be good, since I really want to end up in the Sleepy Hollow area or Lake Barcroft.

I took at stab at it with google maps using the optimize for bike option. It wanted to route me on the CCT for a good part of it, and I know a bunch of that north of Wakefield park is NOT paved. I'm not sure about the part between there and Springfield.