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The spring season is not my friend so far. I went all freezing saddles not loosing my gloves, shoe covers, or other winter gear. This week I lost 2 gloves somewhere in my house, and then forgot one at work Tuesday (I switched from full finger to half gloves between AM and PM commutes). No worries I figured, I just wore a mismatched full finger pair the Wednesday morning, and thought I'd pick up my second nicer glove at the office when I got there. Not only did I STILL forget my second glove at the office last night, I also left my shoe covers under my desk which led to some seriously numb toes this AM. I spent most of this morning's ride just telling myself "at least your not driving at least your not driving..." over and over again in an effort to keep my mood positive and ignore my cold feet.

On a positive note, Saturday looks lovely, so I'm really looking forward to a nice warm ride then!
If it makes you feel better, the first time I tried to use my balaclava, I wasted 10-15 searching for it, then rode to work thinking that I lost it. My anger at myself compensated for my ears getting cold. When I got into the locker room to take a shower, I realized I had the balaclava around my neck the whole time!

On another note, next time I ride in sub 35 F weather, I should try covering my nose/mouth with the balaclava. The congestion in my nose building up so that I can't breathe through it, and only through the mouth, is a nasty feeling.