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Thread: Mulch Piles Blocking Bike Lanes

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    Quote Originally Posted by obscurerichard View Post
    I still have a pin and a screw in my right ring finger and it is permanently skewed right and I can't fully extend that finger. I have enough mobility to type and ride a bike so I'm good overall, but I have to be careful when I shake people's hands because the wrong grip could aggravate the injury and hurt like the devil.
    I'm sorry. That stinks. Thank you again for the warning. I'll definitely pay more attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obscurerichard View Post
    OK, so this is definitely a zombie thread at this point, but I wanted to put this out there too, now that I'm active on the forum. In June 2012 I ran into a mulch pile at night on a bike route in Arlington that extended almost 9 feet from the curb into the street. I broke 2 fingers and had to have surgery and go through 6 months of occupational and physical therapy because of it. In the end I did not sue anyone, as the time, stress, and extra expense seemed to be not worth it for me personally at the time, but I could have. I knew the homeowner and their insurance would be on the hook because Arlington has a hold harmless clause in the mulch delivery contract, though.

    I did contact Arlington DES at the time and asked them nicely to put cones or flags in the mulch for future deliveries, and I've seen them be much more consistent about it.

    See for the gory details.
    I hate that this happened to you, but I do think of you (and thank you in my head) every time I see a flag on a mulch pile.

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