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Thread: Lead by example

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    Quote Originally Posted by eminva View Post
    But isn't Quinn a stop sign rather than a light?
    Oh, that's right. But it reminds me something I've been meaning to post since I noticed it. There IS a stop sign for EB (only) Custis riders at Quinn -- it's WAY up high on the light post a bit before you get to Quinn. It's little - just like the one before you get to the Marriott entrance. There's no stop line. It doesn't even make sense to stop where the sign is (not that it would make sense to stop at that intersection, but still).

    I keep meaning to ask the Arlington engineers what's up with that sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLizotte View Post
    I think a lot of this behavior is due to people thinking like peda. Let's face it, who doesn't jaywalk? If the coast is clear, no one even notices if peds walk against the light at intersections. There's a slightly more negative reaction to those who cross mid-block. I think cyclists are continually swapping ped and biker hats depending on the situation.
    Yeah, this is definitely part of it. And, in fact, just the other day I jaywalked across a large-ish road and a bunch of clueless people went right behind me without even looking. They were just lucky the road was clear for more than just me.

    Also, I guess I just admitted to not always practicing what I preach.


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