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Thread: What's in your pouch?

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    Spare tube, patch kit, bike multitool, chain link tool, tire levers, tire boot (thin and flat, smaller than a credit card), individual antiseptic wipe. I think that's it.

    I have a frame pump attached to the seat tube. CO2 cartridge and adapter for the tri bike (but not for the MTB).

    I have a separate velcro bento box on the top tube, which I use for carb chews (GU Chomps, Clif Shots), ID and Kleenex packs in the winter.

    Two water bottle cages on the tri bike, one on the MTB.
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    Spare tube
    Tire levers
    Patch kits - one w/ glue and one without
    Key for U-lock (when it's not in use)

    I stash my blinky tail light in there when I'm not riding too.

    Frame pump is on the downtube next to the water bottle. Got one of those velcro cable ties holding it on so it doesnt fly off at inopportune moments.

    I used to carry a decent-sized first aid kit from REI that velcroed very nicely to my top tube when I was chasing marathon trainees out on the trails - I need to make a little tiny one to carry for personal use. A ziplock with a couple of wet wipes would be nice to have as well - I didn't have any with me the other day when my chain fell off and I had to ride around all greasy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megabeth View Post
    What do you carry at all times with you in your seat pouch (or backpack or pannier)?
    Since the bike I ride almost all the time always has the panniers on it, I carry more crap -- er, stuff -- than just about anyone here. I won't go into a complete list -- (a) because I don't have the time and (b) because I'll never hear the end of it -- but some of the stuff is a patch kit, spare tubes, pumps, tire gauge, multi-tools, flashlight, knife, lock, hat, gloves, helmet cover, tape, New Skin, super glue, spare reflective vest, and a brake cable. (Yes, I am fully aware that several of those words are plural.)

    Oh, I do not have jumper cables -- yes, I have had someone ask me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Megabeth View Post
    What do you recommend someone have at all times...and what's "nice to have"?
    Everything you need to change a flat. (I usually prefer to simply replace the tube when I'm out, but a patch kit works, too.)

    In this weather? Water, too. (I saw a number of cyclists out there this afternoon without water.)

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    On-bike pouches don't work out for me - several bikes, bad parking, forgetful... Everyday though, my backpack has a 3"x6"x1.5" case for bike stuff, to wit:

    • 1 spare 700c tube (the "right" size for one bike, workable on two others)
    • 2 tire levers
    • Self-gluing patches
    • CO2 adapter and 2 16g cartridges (wrapped in old tubes)
    • Multi-tool w/ chain breaker
    • spoke wrench
    • Rubber gloves
    • Small bottle of oil
    • Keys for the locking skewers on a couple of my bikes
    • "Trixie" 15mm wrench / bottle opener (wrapped in "Gorilla" tape)
    • Blackburn "Flea" light set
    • Miscellany including web straps, zip ties, bailing wire, cleat screws, chain links & quicklinks

    Also in the backpack I often carry at least a tiny U-lock (like, 4" - just big enough to attach the bike to something when I dash into a store for a minute), a hand pump, and a more robust lighting setup if it isn't already on the bike. This is far more than I really need, and in fact I often go months without even opening this kit, but I like the peace of mind that comes from knowing whatever I need to finish this ride somehow is probably with me.

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    I almost always have on me a spare tube, 2 levers and a pump. The pump isn't in the bag. My bikes all have at least one rear light permanently attached and I usually keep a very small front light (e.g. the BikeArlington ones) with me too just in case.
    Generally I travel with my driver's licence, a credit card and my cell phone too, tho I will only put those in the under-seat bag if I'm on a recreational ride (as opposed to a commute).

    If I'm going for a longer ride I'll add a multi-tool, patch kit and cash (usually in a zip-lock bag with my phone/cards). I should probably add a spare chain link but I've never used one before and only vaguely remember seeing a chain tool used once during a ride.

    I usually try to have something that might work as a boot now as well (a dollar bill) since I blew out a tire not that long ago (americancyclo helped me out with a folded receipt as a boot).

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    New road bike has a super tiny frame which means little real estate to attach anything. My under the saddle pack is small due to rack getting in the way; in it I carry:

    Patch kit
    CO2 cartridge & inflater

    That takes up every molecule of space unfortunately.

    In jersey pockets I usually carry phone, keys, driver's license, health insurance card, metro card, $10-$20 bill, kleenex, and mini pump. I've started carrying my business cards too since they can be used in case of an accident (as a witness or participant).

    If I'm using panniers or my big basket on my commuter hybrid, I include multitool, disposable rubber gloves, bandaids, single serve Neosporin, baby wipes, and a disposable shower cap I got from a hotel (works great on the helmet when unexpected rain hits). This group of stuff I keep in a ziplock bag so I can move it from bike to bike easily.

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    I don't use the saddle bag but I do carry (on my beater steed)

    Telescopic pump
    Swiss Army Knife w/ the built in light (trick huh)
    Spare Tube
    Tire Levers
    Flashlight (comes in handy when doing road side repairs in the winter months)
    Spare Wind Vest

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    I love that this topic on the index page is immediately below "Commuter Shorts".

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    I've been using the Sci-Con pouches for a few years now and am a fan. They have a nice attachment mechanism so no straps to mess with - it just locks in to the saddle with a quarter twist and stays secure.
    Looks like this: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG0021.jpg 
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    Its one of their smaller pouches, so not a lot of room inside:
    2 levers integrated into the bag itself (they have a version with a multitool integrated but I didn't go for that one)
    1 Gorilla Multitool
    1 tube
    1 CO2
    1 CO2-->Presta adapter
    1 Basic patch kit
    Looks like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG0002_COVER.jpg 
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