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Thread: What's in your pouch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginacico View Post
    Yup. Next time you do a bike fix-it night, have someone show you the process to adjust your disk brakes. You probably have two adjusters for the inside & outside calipers (my brakes are Avid BB7s, YMMV). In general, the trick is to get them as close as possible to the disk, so the brakes have some grab, without rubbing (cuz that sucks). You may also have a barrel adjuster on the cable near the brake lever, to tweak the tension.

    I have the Crank Bros multitool with a Torx driver etc. My problem is the drivers are really short, and it's too dang awkward to get the thing inside the spokes to adjust the inside caliper. I got a Torx wrench with a long driver that I use at home for bike tuning. And if I have to adjust on the road, I just fumble around attempting to spin the adjusters with my thumbs.

    This thread has been awesome as I'm prepping for a 2-week bike trip, hoping to upgrade a few of my tools in the kit!
    Thanks ! I have adjusted my disc brakes (mech.) I know how to adjust the barrel adjuster but they're really hard to get to. And the in and out ...yep I've tried to do those but had a bike shop fix em for me. More time...more patience. I'm learning.

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    Here is the tool I use. I was lucky enough to have paid only $8 for it when a bike shop closed(Hudson).


    • 11 Function tool
    • Chaintool, spoke wrench, phillips, flathead, T25 Torx, 2, 2.5, 3,4,5,6mm allen key
    • Dimensions: 75x44x10 mm, 3"x1.75"x0.4"

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