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    Default Takoma to Metro Center

    Hi all - I'm new here and kind of new to DC (the life of an intern, I only stay for short bursts).

    Anyways, even though the Red Line is incredibly efficient getting me to work, I'd like to try commuting via bicycle and was curious if anyone has a good route from Takoma (DC side) to Metro Center? I'm a bit clumsy on my road bike still, drop handlebars are tough, so I'm looking for something that would be smoothest and safest ride rather than the shortest/quickest. That is, at least until I get more comfortable.

    Help is appreciated, thanks!

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    This is mostly the reverse route I take when going to the Takoma Park Library. I usually take 11th instead of 13th to avoid the hill and because 11th has a bike lane after Spring.

    Good luck, have fun, and ride safe.

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    You might also consider cutting over on Piney Branch to 14th (which has a bike lane most of the way) down to F (G?) and then cut over a couple of blocks. Or, you could take 5th/6th down to G (F?) at the Verizon Center and cut over (that's also got some bike lane and is the least trafficky of the routes).

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    I used to do a similar commute (Takoma DC to Farragut North) and took the first route SilverSpring suggests (Piney Branch to 13th to Colorado to 14th). The only downside is that the bus routes go down 14th so you are always interacting with buses and you specified that you were looking for something a little quieter.

    Instead of a quieter route, I would suggest looking at the WABA website and taking a Confident City Cycling course. This would give you more practice on your road bike and also give you tips for riding on the busier city streets. That way you can take the easiest and most direct route. It is not hard to get used to with a little practice.

    Good luck!


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